Who am I?

My name is Chris Pipito. I am what they refer to as an Agile Coach. Although I am not sure I agree with the title. I am still searching for a better name for what I do, and the best I have come up with is Agile Guide, perhaps Troublemaker is better. So lets go with that for now.

I work with teams and organizations that are striving to work in more agile ways in their values, principles and practices. I believe the world of software and business are best served through a systems thinking mindset with safe environments for teams to operate autonomously. And by safe I don’t mean SAFe. Or any other scaled agile framework for that matter. I believe in bringing teams that build software and the people they build it for together to solve problems. I provide my services when needed and will blog from time to time on experiences I’ve had, am having, and how teams and organizations have worked through pain points.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context into who I am. What I believe. And how I can help.
  • Because it may help you in different areas you and your teams or organization may be struggling.
  • Because it hopefully will bring people back to the purpose of working in an agile way.
  • Because if I don’t do this my head might explode.
  • Because I think there is always room for more examples out there to help people trying to do stuff like this.
  • Because I think the AIC (Agile Industrial Complex) is actively destroying real agility even with the best intentions.

I want to thank anyone who takes the time to read through my ramblings and experiences and potentially benefit from it. I am also very open to anyone reading anything I have posted and sharing their thoughts and own experiences. Even if it proves my thoughts and approach to things to be flat out wrong. I love when that happens, since it most often times helps me better understand my own bias.

I was asked some time ago, depending on when you are reading this “What is Agile?” This is the best I can gather and it is not my own thoughts.

Agile != Frameworks, Estimates, Events or Metrics.

Agile = Kindness, Consideration, Respect & Continuous Steering.

Here we go…

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