I contemplate a very useful and loved thing as potentially being waste. Touch on some truly wasteful things. And sprinkle in some thoughts on Cynefin. Far more to think about than what I have in this post when it comes to waste.

Continuous Learning

Sharing some of the learning journey I am on while creating a little app.

What is Agile?

I have found myself, more often lately, being asked “What is Agile?” I have answered this question a number of times and a number of different ways trying to find the short answer. I have recently come to find myself pulling from people like Woody Zuill, Fred Zuill, Kevin Meadows and Dave Thomas. My current…

Systems Produce As Designed! Part Deux

I’ve had a few people reach out for conversation from an older post Systems Produce As Designed and this is the follow up post that was requested. Before we start, thank you to you all who did reach out to discuss as it was really fun conversation! Pulling on the thread from the Systems Produce…


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