Journeys End; New Journeys Begin

Ok, I’ll admit, the cartoon has little to nothing to do with this post. But I found it funny.

Some journeys come to an end far too early. I recently had the great experience of working with a truly incredible group of coaches. In the 6 months we worked together, I was able to learn so much from their shared experience and knowledge that it made me a better coach.

In our short time together, and with the organizational constraints we are so very used too, we were able to help teams of people find better ways of working. To see and feel their real power of owning the way they worked and how they worked to achieve any goal.

Some teams formed a quick bond and can be long lasting teams while other teams disbanded. There were teams that realized they weren’t really a team and that was ok with them. Others wanted to make changes upon this realization to try some changes to the way they worked together. We had all of the pains of a large organization while actually being in a small organization.

Maria, Thank you for the opportunity to join such a great group of coaches. I was able to feel welcomed immediately with the culture that you helped create. And that is no easy task. Remember that this group has your back and are willing to jump in to help with anything that you need. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to talk through anything or just want to hear some really bad ideas on stuff :).

Bonnie, Thank you for the time you dedicated to me during the on-boarding process. The insights you provided as to the landscape of the organization along with some of the struggles and the victories was such a big help when joining.

Adam, Thank you for the conversations around systems thinking, lean & agile principles, and different ways to help steer real change in an organization. Please continue to try and get that podcast going. You know how to find me if you want help!

Sami, Thank you for inviting me to work with you. The workshop we created together to un-stuck a cross-functional team dealing with a large problem was a great experience. I really think we helped them to see there were possibly alternative paths to the solution. And even in the end that what they were doing was actually caused by the organizational system they were in and no tool or tech would solve that. Such a powerful thing when people come to that conclusion. That is an example of helping people to realize and solve problems instead of symptoms. I like to think of that as helping others to STEER!

Olivia, Thank you for the energy! Your willingness to learn, your honesty and questions helped me to question some of my deepest held beliefs. And even brought out a whole new approach to problems I would have never found. Keep your sweet potatoes happy. And I agree that sometimes, the word “fuck” is the perfect word for the situation.

Kalee, Thank you for trusting me with the teams you were moving on from. I could tell that you have a great positive impact on the people you work with. And that skills workshop I am definitely going to steal!

Taylor, Thank you for your time helping me organize all of the crazy thoughts I was throwing all over the Miro space. I wish we had more time to work together.

Garrett, Thank you for supporting my all too often simplistic thinking. You are another one I wish I was able to spend more time with. Please let me know how that different approach in the purpose workshop goes. And I have another approach if you are interested that may work as well.

Cristina, Thank you for your insights into the organization when I joined and for sharing the workshops and talks you had created. I loved collaborating with you when we were attempting to put together an agile workshop instead of a scrum workshop.

Reese, Thank you for the time we spent together and the history of the organization and their journey with trying to work in an agile way. Yet another person I wish I could have spent more time with.

Chris, Thank you for being the centering and focus point for this team of misfits. You were always able to keep us focused and provide that welcoming feeling. I know the team misses your presence.

Jordan, Thank you for offering your insights into the talks and workshops I was trying to put together. The questions you posed helped shape what is now my current agile talk.

Laura, We never did get a chance to work together, but I did work with people that had been on teams with you. And I really regret not having more time to get to know you and see the amazing things you could do.

Ana, Jorge, Felipe, Kim. My mobbing friends! Thank you for being open to experimenting with the way you work together. Keep the music going. And you are all correct, JavaScript is illogical at times :). I hope you continue to find new and better ways of working together. I know you all have a great bond together. I am sure you will create something truly special.

Hopefully I was able to provide something beneficial to all of you with the time we spent together.

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