JavaScript (My Journey Begins)

After years away from actively creating, I have found the pull to code again. Now in my return I have decided to learn JavaScript and figured what could be more fun than a running blog series on what I am using to learn, who I am learning with, and possibly even some recordings of unit testing, TDD, refactoring, pairing, and possibly some mobbing would be at the top of my list.

This initial post I will share who is supporting me on this journey, some tools and learning material I am using. I am sure much of the tooling and/of material will change as we go.

People supporting me on this Journey so far… (Omitting last names) Most of the people on this list already know JavaScript and are a part of this journey out of kindness that I greatly appreciate.
1. Rodney
2. Woody
3. Fred
4. David
5. Alfredo
6. Kevin
7. Maria
8. Adam

1. Visual Studio Code
2. Node.js
3. Mocha
4. Chai

Learning Resources & Material
2. Udemy
3. Codecademy

If nothing else comes from this, I hope people that come across this get some good laughs, pick up some good tips, and hopefully reach out to share any insights they have. Above everything, I hope this becomes a way to help not only myself but others learn.

Looking forward to the journey. See you in future posts!

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